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Frequently Asked Questions

exyte.club is an Account Shop that mainly focuses on CS: GO Prime Accounts but also sells Non-Prime Accounts. We are trying to keep costs low and to provide excellent and functional Accounts. Our staff is always trying to deliver excellent support in case you encounter an issue.

You will receive the E-Mail and Password of every CS: GO Prime Account after purchase so you can change everything. This does not apply to Non-Prime Accounts; those are not full access.

There currently is no way to sell your Account to us, and we also don't provide a place to sell them to other people.

You can pay through Paypal and CryptoCurrency directly and enjoy instant delivery. If you want to pay with a different payment method, you can always contact us in our Support Discord, and we will help you out.

The delivery is instant after we receive your money the Account will be sent to you via the E-Mail provided by you in the purchasing process.

You will receive a Website to the E-Mail associated with the Account to log in to. You should change your Steam E-mail and Password and, if possible, also add the Steam Guard and a Phone Number.

The matchmaking pool is divided into two groups. Non-Prime Accounts and Prime Accounts, those are divided into multiple different sub-groups calculated trough the Trustfactor of an Account. When queuing for a match in the party, the person with the lowest trust factor will be the person who decides the sub-group. When playing matches of CS: GO, you will typically gain more trust factor, especially trough commends and playtime. But you can also lose it trough reports. As your Trustfactor rises or falls, you will encounter different types of enemies, ranging from more cheaters in low Trustfactor groups to friendly players in high Trustfactor groups.

When playing CS: GO, every player has a hidden Trustfactor that is only visible to teammates in a party if they have a Trustfactor that a lot higher than yours. The specific factors on how Trustfactor is calculated aren't public, but there are generally some things to do to increase it. Just by playing the game regularly and preferably being friendly while communicating with the team, you will increase your trust factor. Aside from just playing the game, you can also enhance it trough a good looking Steam profile (other games with some playtime, Steam Level), Commends left by players in-game, or a Prime status upgrade. You can also increase it by adding a phone number to your Steam account and enabling the Steam Guard. Your Trustfactor can obviously also get lower if you get reported often, and you are a bad member of the Steam community (kicking people, being unfriendly, etc.)

In CS: GO Prime Accounts can queue for Prime Matchmaking. Prime Matchmaking will make you encounter fewer cheaters, and you will have a better experience while playing CS: GO. Usually, you will need to reach Private Rank Level 21 in CS: GO and add a phone number to receive the Prime Status. But it is also possible to buy it from the Steam Store or get it from an old CS: GO Account created before the game went free to play.

The Loyalty Badge was handed out to CS: GO players who had bought the game before it went free to play. It doesn't make a massive difference in Trustfactor, but as the Steam Accounts associated with the need to be around two years old by now, they usually have a higher Trust factor. As there is no way to create new Loyalty Badge Accounts, the stock is limited and will be gone at some point.

To participate in Competetive matchmaking, you will need to reach Private Rank 2. You need to earn 2000 XP to do so. There is a one-day cooldown after 2 Wins each day if you haven't won 10 games yet. This limits the number of games you can play each day, and a Private Rank 2 Account removes the hustle of getting the first 2000 XP to hop into Competetive matchmaking instantly.

To play on FaceIT matchmaking, you will need to have played at least 25 hours in CS: GO. After you've reached those 25 hours, you can play on it and enjoy a cheater free matchmaking experience.